Limited Time Offer – Hand Cut Matted Greeting Cards

Cheap art, signed by Tanya Mikulas, to send to your friends! Or keep for yourself! ANY photo(s) you want of mine, from any of my websites! Matted 5 x 7 photos ready for frames, enclosed in a hand-c…

Source: Limited Time Offer – Hand Cut Matted Greeting Cards

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Here I am ~

I’ve had some interesting times while living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I’ve ‘hi-de-ho’ed’ with Cab Calloway; partied with Tim Leary; spent an evening with Ken Kesey (and have the dubious distinction of being the first person to ‘turn him on’ to electronic consciousness modification); met Arthur C. Clark and Walker Evans; worked with great rock’n’roll stars such as Billy Joel, Jimmy Buffet, Johnny Hartford, Randy Newman, and many others; recorded musical albums with the Raudelunas Art Group that became cult classics; produced an appearance of the Tibetan Singing Monks (which led to meeting His Holiness, the Dalai Lama); shook hands with the likes of Johnny Cash, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins; set up a solid-state electronics lab for semiconductor research at the University of Alabama; traveled to NASA’s Ames Research Center to investigate their program for training astronauts with biofeedback, delivered a medical paper to a national medical conference; and of course, “ate cornbread and raised hell” at the Chukker (the greatest community bar in the USA); and survived a direct hit by the April 27, 2011 tornado that devastated the city. To scratch the surface.

And I come from a family that loved to tell stories. I grew up setting at the feet of relatives as they laughed and swapped the stories of their adventures and that led to my helping my father write his autobiography when he was in his eighties. That book is still available at I still love to tell stories and have directed some of that into writing a (as yet unpublished!) novel. But it was the story of how I came to meet the Dalai Lama that moved friends to badger me to tell it. I promised a dear friend that I would write it for him, but to my eternal sorrow he left this world before I got around to it. So now I’ve started this blog to record some of those memories as a seed for a future memoir. And the first one will be that story that I owe to my dear lost friend Roger Hagerty.

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